'Take a Picture' Question Type

You can include the 'Take a picture' question type in the questionnaire, which can be found among all question types. The question allows the respondent to take 'selfies' and other photos.


Completing the survey on a mobile device

If the respondent is completing the survey on a mobile device, a camera icon will be displayed for the 'Take a picture' question type. When the icon is clicked, the default photo-taking application opens (if supported by the mobile browser). The respondent is shown the photo taken and then has the option to confirm the displayed photo or cancel and take a new one. When the photo is confirmed, the respondent is returned to the survey, where the photo is also displayed. The respondent can then take another picture if they are not satisfied with the existing one, or delete the picture.

Example of a survey with the 'Take a picture' question type (preview of a survey on a mobile device) >>


Completing the survey on a computer

If the respondent completes the survey on a computer, the question will be displayed in two ways:

  • If the computer has a camera connected, the question will ask for permission to access the camera. Once the user confirms and allows access to the camera, the camera will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and if the user clicks on the camera icon, the photo taken will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
  • If the computer does not have a camera, the question behaves in the same way as the 'File upload' question type. The respondent can upload any photo as a file (the prerequisite is a file with an extension indicating an image).

Example of a survey with the 'Take a picture' question type (preview on a computer) >>

In the analyses and data, the photo is stored as a link (URL) to the photo. The survey editor has the possibility to edit the link (delete or replace it).

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