Import Text - Copying Text Into 1KA

The 'Import text' option is located in the interface for creating a new survey. 

The interface has basic information about the survey at the top, where you can name the survey and save it in a folder (if you have enabled the folder display). Below the basic settings of the new survey, there are two fields that allow you to enter and preview text.

The text of the questions and answers can be typed or pasted in the box on the left and a preview of the questions (1KA question layout) is shown on the right.

When copying or pasting text, a few rules apply:

  • There must be an empty line between the questions;
  • For each question, the answer categories must be on their own line;
  • In the case of a table, each sub-question of the table is on its own line;
  • Using this interface, you can only import 'Categories - Single answer' and 'Text' (open question) question types into 1KA.
  • Other question types can be entered as 'Categories - Single answer' and subsequently changed (e.g. to 'Categories - Multiple answer', 'Table', etc.). 

Clicking on 'Next' will open the questionnaire in the 'EDIT' - 'Questionnaire' tab, where you can further customise or modify each question by clicking on the question and editing it accordingly in the question editor on the right hand side, where you can select a different question type.

1KA is free to use for basic users