Registration Form

A registration form is a type of survey that incorporates one or more variables. You can include only an email address, or it can incorporate other variables in which you are interested.

You can create a registration form by clicking the 'Create survey' option. A new window will appear, where you can enter the name of the registration form, select the 'Form' questionnaire type, and click 'Next'.

Variables can be added in two ways:

1. Insert the desired question types and edit them. If you want to have the variables 'name' and 'email', first select the 'Text' question type and write 'Name' into the text question. For the email, navigate the mouse to the menu on the left and click 'Add question' , where all the available question types are listed. Under the category 'Standard input', select the 'E-mail' option.

  • If you wish to use the two variables later in notifications, you must define them as system variables. This can be done in the individual question editor, in the 'Advanced' tab, where you select the category 'System variable';
  • You should also rename the variables in the same tab, under the category 'Variable'; enter 'Name' under 'Variable name' for the first variable, and 'Email' under 'Variable name' for the second variable, so that the system will automatically detect the variables for notifications.

2. To the right of the question editor, you will find the option of Alerts from responses quick settings, where you select the recipients of the notifications. You can choose between the authors of the survey, additional recipients and respondents.

If you select a respondent, the variable 'E-mail' is entered into the form, which is by default a system variable and can be used for notifications without further settings.

You can add the other variables in the same way as with a standard survey. If you wish to use them in notifications, you must define them as system variables.

Notifications are only available to users with 2KA and 3KA payable package

System variables

Each variable that you wish to include in the notification message must be defined as a system variable. In the question editor of each question, in the 'Advanced' tab, you can select the option 'System variable'.

Enter #variable_name# into the notification message.

Example: The participants must select a date in the registration form. The date variable is named Q1 in the question editor. you should enter in the message, for example: “you have chosen the date #Q1# for the workshop.”

If the registration form is to be embedded on a website, we recommend that you select the 'Embed' design, which can be selected in the 'EDIT' – 'Design' tab.

Insight into the registration database

The 1KA system enables you a quick insight into the registration database. If you are a 3KA private package user you can also create a URL link to the database and forward it to selected individuals. The list can also be exported in PDF, MS Word and Excel formats, as well as printed if you are a user with 2KA or 3KA payable package user.

Some of the functionalities described are only available for users of the 2KA and 3KA packages for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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