Why Is It Not Advisable to Copy Text?

When you copy text from Microsoft Word documents, websites or any other documents into the questionnaire, you also copy the design style. Therefore, certain errors can occur to how the text appears in the survey; for example, the background of the text in the question is white or the text appears slightly indented. It can also affect the implementation of the survey and data collection.

This problem can be prevented in two ways:

  • When editing a question, select 'Fast add categories' and copy the text from other documents by using this function. Every answer should be copied into a separate row;
  • You can also copy the text from a Word document into Notepad and then from there copy it into 1KA.

If this problem has already occurred, it can be solved later in two ways. When editing a question, select advanced editor:

  1. If you haven't copied the text to 1KA yet: Click the clipboard icon in the toolbar, a new window will open with a text box. Paste text that will automatically clear from all formatting (paste as plain text):
  2. If you have already copied the text into 1KA: Delete additional formatting styles from HTML code by highlighting the text you copied and clicking on the HTML icon.

1KA is free to use for basic users