Can I create a table where the respondent chooses the most and the least important answer among several answers (Max-Diff table)?

In the 'EDIT' - 'Questionnaire' tab, you can select the Max-Diff layout when editing 'Table - Single answer' question types. The Max-Diff table is an approach used when you want to find out the preference/importance of several different factors (e.g. purchase of a new mobile phone, brand image, product features). This approach is mainly used in marketing research.  

The Max-Diff table is created by first adding the usual 'Table - Single answer' question type and then selecting 'MaxDiff' in the question settings on the right-hand side when setting up the question. The table will be transformed so that the answers (e.g. factors, attributes) are in the middle of the table and the left and rightmost categories are where the respondent will use the radio button to select the answer/factor/attribute that is most or least important to them.

By default, the category outliers are named 'Most important' and 'Least important', but you can rename the category by clicking on the category name.

Example of a survey with a MaxDiff question type >>

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