1KA Survey Import

This video guide shows you how to import the survey and data into the 1KA tool. The functionality is most often used when either transferring a survey from one installation to another version of the 1KA installation or when transferring a survey from one user account to another.

The following should be considered when transferring:

  • When copying the survey, not all advanced settings (e.g., validations) are transferred, the survey is not activated, etc. After downloading, therefore, make sure that all settings are the same as on the original.
  • The original version of the survey and a copy of the survey do not have the same URL. In case the original version of the survey is still active, you have 2 options:
    • You change the link to the survey on the pages where you published the survey (if you sent e-mail invitations, you must send the invitations again if you want the data to be collected in a new copied database);
    • You do not download the survey or data until you have finished collecting the data. Otherwise, you will not have new entries on the copy of the survey.

1KA is free to use for basic users