Key Features an Advanced User Should Know

To create a more advanced questionnaire, it is good to know some of the key features or potentials of 1KA that you might not have expected, but which will make it easier for you to work with the tool:

  • (IF) conditions – to option to have only certain people respond to certain questions;
  • Loops – the question is repeated depending on a specific answer;
  • Data piping – including the answer of a question into the text of a subsequent question;
  • Comments - The use of comments is recommended in order to test the questionnaire and eliminate any potential shortcomings. Comments can be used in many different ways - they can be visible only to editors or they can be an integrated part of the questionnaire, making it open to comments from respondents. You can also enable comments for the entire questionnaire or just individual questions;
  • Blocks are recommended for the creation of complex surveys, since the questionnaire is divided into specific sections, making it easier to edit as well as complete the questionnaire;
  • Condensed view of the questionnaire is recommended for long and more complex questionnaires;
  • Public link to access data and analysis in the case of application forms, voting or other short surveys;
  • Creating a voting system, where the respondents answers a question, after which a graphical representation of all responses (i.e. vote results) is displayed;
  • Respondent groups, which can be analysed without asking identification questions;
  • Multi-language surveys;
  • Notifications of survey completion, where you can set notifications for each received survey response, and can also set an email notification for respondents upon successful survey completion;
  • Open-ended response coding;
  • Computations enable the creation of various computations;
  • Custom reports, where you can use custom tables or graphs and add your data interpretation;
  • Website Evaluation, where the screen is divided into two parts during the survey: one is the website and the other is a questionnaire that you use to rate the website.
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