What happens if the survey is edited by multiple editors simultaneously?

When there are multiple editors for a survey, it's essential to consider the logic of the text editor.

If multiple editors attempt to edit the same survey question simultaneously, only the text saved by a specific editor will be retained each time. This applies to both types of editing:

  • Text editing in the editor (by clicking on icon A), where saving occurs by clicking the SAVE button.
  • Direct "inline" editing, where explicit saving isn't necessary, but the text is automatically saved as soon as the user clicks anywhere outside the text. Therefore, when an editor exits direct "inline" editing, their text is saved.

If, in the interim—between two saves by a specific editor—another user also made changes to the text, his changes won't be saved because only the changes made by the first user are saved. However, if the second user, who began editing before the first user saved his changes, then saves his text, the version of the second user is saved, but it won't include the changes made by the first user. Therefore, simultaneous editing of the same question by two editors can lead to loss of changes. In the case of multiple users, a warning also appears (see below) indicating the presence of multiple active editors.

Issues can also arise when there is only one editor, but they have the same questionnaire open in different tabs and are editing it in different tabs. In this case as well, there is a risk that editing changes will be lost in the manner described above.

To avoid issues with multiple editors, the following is recommended:

  • Communicate with other survey editors and agree on a schedule for editing the survey. This way, you avoid making changes and editing at the same time.
  • Pay attention to the warning in the case of multiple editors, which appears in the lower left corner and informs you that there are currently other survey editors present; however, their exact locations of editing cannot be determined among users.

In the case of a single editor with multiple tabs open for the same question, the solution is simply to avoid editing multiple tabs simultaneously.


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