The tab 'QUESTIONNAIRE' allows the following:

1. Adding questions
There are 28 types of questions available. You can also add standard demographic variables. In the basic and advanced options of each question you can set the layout, name, notes, character limits, visibility of the question, response values and can classify questions among system variables, which you can use for communication and for sending email invitations, etc.

2. Questionnaire editing
You can edit the structure of the questionnaire with the conditions (IF), loops, blocks, computations and page breaks. You can also edit the entire questionnaire in a shrunken view, which is recommended especially for extensive and complex questionnaires. Using the glossary, you can also add definitions to the questions and answers, that appear when the mouse is moved over the word.

3. Questionnaire archiving
You can create an archive version of the questionnaire and restore it from archive files. You can also copy, delete (irreversible, except with the help of an administrator) and export the questionnaire to PDF or RTF (Word) format.

4. Further editing and verification of the questionnaire
It is possible to implement recurring adjustments by clicking on the 'Find and Replace' icon, adding a page break between all the questions, verifying the accuracy of the set conditions (to minimize possible errors), renumbering of all the questions (thereby solving the problem of duplication of names of variables) as well as unfolding or shrinking all conditions, blocks and loops by clicking on the icon 'open all' or 'close all'.

5. Library of questions and surveys
You can access the public library, from which you can copy questions and surveys, as well as the personal library, where you can add your questions and surveys or copy surveys from the library.

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