The 'QUESTIONNAIRE' offers access to the following options:


1. Adding questions

There are several different types of questions. In the basic and advanced options of each question, you can set the layout, name, limits, visibility of the question, answer values, classify the question as a system variable that can be used for notifications and email invitations, etc.


2. Editing the questionnaire

You can edit the structure of the questionnaire with conditions, loops, blocks, computations and page breaks. You can also edit the whole questionnaire in a condensed view, which is recommended especially for large and complex questionnaires. With the help of the glossary, you can also add definitions to the questions and answers, which are displayed to the respondent when the mouse hovers over a word.


3. Archiving the questionnaire

It is possible to create archive versions of the questionnaire and to restore them from archive files. The questionnaire can also be copied, deleted (irreversibly, except with the help of an administrator) and exported in PDF or RTF (Word) format.


4. Further editing and checking of the questionnaire

It is possible to make batch text corrections by clicking on the 'Find and replace words' icon, to add a page break between all questions (the 'Add page break between all questions' icon), to check the correctness of the conditions set (as an aid to correct any errors, the 'Check the correctness of the conditions set' icon), and to renumerate all questions (to solve the problem of duplicate variable names, the 'Renumerate' icon). All of the above functionality can be found in the advanced settings (click on the three dots icon above the questions). It is also possible to open or close all conditions, blocks and loops by clicking on the 'Open' or 'Close' icons visible above the questions.


5. Library of questions and surveys

You can access a public library from which you can copy questions and surveys, and a personal library (My Library) to which you can add or copy questions and surveys.


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