The 'ARCHIVE' tab gives you access to:

  • 'Questionnaire archive', where you can create an archive version of the questionnaire, download the achieved version of the questionnaire to your computer or restore the questionnaire from the archive file. More >>
  • 'Data archive' where you can create an archive version of the data, download an archive file with data to your computer and also restore the data from an archive file. More >>
  • 'Invitation archive', where you can review when e-invitations were sent and to how many recipients. You can also see if any errors appeared during the sending process. More >>
  • 'Analysis archive', were you can find analyses which you may have previously archived. More >>
  • 'Export archive', where you can save an archive file of a questionnaire or a questionnaire with data to your computer. More >>
  • 'Test data archive', where you can see the number of test entries in the survey ('Test data count') and the number of automatically generated test entries ('Automatically added').
  • 'Changes', where you can access the information about changes made to the questionnaire, data and imports (adding) data. More >>

1KA is free to use for basic users