What About Underage Respondents?

Surveying of underage respondents is regulated by national laws.

In Slovenia, parental consent must be obtained before a minor under the age of 15 can be used as a respondent in a survey. For online surveys of minors, parental consent is most often and most easily obtained either by the interviewer obtaining consent in person (e.g. by visiting the parents at home) or by providing it in writing (e.g. via a letter brought from school by the child).

The minor's consent must also be formally obtained. First, the parents sign if the minor can be invited to participate, then the minor agrees or refuses to participate and is under no obligation to participate even if the parents agree that they may do so.

Parental consent is not required to interview minors over the age of 15. However, in cases where the survey is conducted at a school, the school may require parental consent even if the respondents are over 15 years of age.

For more information on surveys of minors under the age of 15, see the Information Commissioner's website >>

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