What About Underage Respondents?

Interviewing underage respondents is regulated by national legislation.

In Slovenia, it is required to obtain parental consent before interviewing underage respondents, which applies to underage respondents up to the age of 15. When interviewing underage respondents online, parental consent is most easily obtained by the interviewer in person (e.g. home visits) or by mail (e.g. via a letter, which the underage respondent brings home from school). 

Officially, it is also necessary to obtain the consent of the underage respondent. First, the parents consent to the participation of the underage respondent in the survey, after which the underage respondent agrees or refuses to take part in the survey and is by no means obliged to participate, despite the parents’ consent. 

Parental consent is not necessary for respondents above the age of 15. If surveys are being conducted in schools, the school can demand parental consent even if respondents are older than 15.

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