Display the List of Open Answers in the Survey

When editing the questionnaire in the ‘EDIT’ – ‘Questionnaire’ tab, you can edit the properties of the inserted ‘Text’ question type in the 'Edit question' window (on the right side). One of the functionalities is the ability to view respondents' previous answers.

Click on the 'Edit question' – 'Advanced' tab to find the Properties section, and tick the box next to the 'List of previous answers under the question' option. By enabling this setting, the answers of previous respondents who have already completed the survey will be displayed in the field below the selected text question.

A list of previous responses is visible to anyone who has access to the survey, but only includes up to 30 of the latest answers. By clicking on the 'More' option, you can request a display of all of the responses that were given so far.

Display the list of open answers in the survey >>


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