How Do I Enable Spell Checking?

This can be done in two ways:

  1. While editing the questionnaire click on the letter A, which is on the right side of the question when you click on each question – this opens the advanced editor where you can find an ABC icon with a checkmark. By clicking it you can enable the SCAYT option (Spell Check As You Type) or check the correct spelling of words. This option works only for checking the English spelling of the words.
  2. You can also spell check using the browser. You need to install a Slovenian dictionary beforehand:
  • Mozilla Firefox: visit the website Dictionaries & Language Packs and download the Slovenian dictionary. In the editor right-click on a word that you wish to check, choose the indicator 'Languages' and choose Slovenian.
  • Google Chrome: add Slovenian in the language settings. You can get there by clicking on 'Settings' - 'Advanced' - 'Lanugage' - 'Order languages based on your preferences', where you choose Slovenian. Do the same in the 'Spell Check' section.
  • Internet Explorer 10: click on 'Tools' and select 'Manage Add-ons'. In the new tab, select 'Spelling Correction', which is typically located at the bottom of the list of add-ons. If Slovenian is not on the list of languages, simply click 'Get more Spelling Dictionaries online'.
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