1KA has been very well tested and malfunctions are extremely rare. In addition, 1KA is also well documented.  We ask all other users that while looking for help and support take into account the following steps:

  1. In the left navigation, you can see the Introduction to 1KA, where initial steps and guidance for beginners and also for experienced or advanced users are given.
  2. Some of the most common technical problems and the most frequently asked questions of users are collected here >> and it is recommended to check them first when a problem occurs.
  3. User guide includes a detailed description of all 1KA functionalities; all corresponding video tutorials, manuals and FAQs are placed into the user guide as well.
  4. When looking for assistance while creating a questionnaire, the following forms of assistance should also be considered:

    In the upper right corner of the app's interior, there is always a search engine for the content of the site.

   Inside the 1KA application, there is always a link in the upper right corner to the corresponding location in the User's Guide, which is structured in the same way as the internal 1KA navigation.

       6. If, despite the following steps or tips mentioned above (1-4), you still do not find your answer, fill in the FORM OF 1KA HELP DESK FOR USERS. It should be noted that the 1KA online assistance is intended solely for:

  • directing a user to an existing help (manuals, frequently asked questions, video tutorials);
  • clarifications in case of potential uncertainties or errors on 1KA;
  • identification of the need for methodological or technical assistance.

Paid services

The 1KA team does not have the resources to provide free methodological or technical assistance (beyond the interventions described above), especially not to users who lack sufficient technical and methodological experience. Such users can seek help either in their social circle or seek commercial service, and in this context, they may also decide for paid assistance from 1KA (see below).

Payment for individual procedure is carried out according to the PRICE LIST, and you can order it by filling in the form of 1KA HELP DESK FOR USERS.

For clarifications regarding paid services, please contact 030 / 702-788. It should be emphasized once again that the phone number provided is not intended for free methodological advice.


1KA is free to use for basic users