In order to create a quality questionnaire it is very important that you test it before the final publication. In the 'TEST' tab, 1KA automatically detects the questionnaire's deficiencies and estimates its duration. Three sub-tabs are available:

  • Diagnostics provides a list of errors, warnings and recommendations (e.g. checking of conditions, duplicate variable names, etc.). It also provides an estimate of survey duration and complexity, as well as a summary overview of the status of comments.
  • Comments enable the activation of comment entry fields, intended for test respondents to write down their comments on the questions while filling in the survey. You can easily monitor the comments and thus improve your questionnaire.
  • Automatic entries are saved in the data as test entries. The application generates a requested number of fictive (test) respondents who fill in the questionnaire, which primarily contributes to testing complex questionnaires.

1KA is free to use for basic users