Why Is It Necessary to Enable Javascript?

The 1KA service is strongly Web 2.0 oriented, which includes the object-oriented scripting language JavaScript, which is used extensively to create the content of all dynamic web pages. JavaScript is enabled by default in all newer versions of popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera).

Nowadays, the use of JavaScript is practically indispensable, as almost none of the widely popular services (e.g. Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) function properly without it. Using JavaScript, you can open new windows, perform calculations, check the correctness of the data you have entered, etc. Performing these operations would not be possible without the use of JavaScript. Therefore, when completing surveys, some functionalities do not work without JavaScript: e.g. hard and soft reminders on questions, checking the codes entered, the operation of conditions, sorting the answers within the questionnaire, etc.

As survey design relies in particular on advanced Web 2.0 elements, editing a questionnaire without JavaScript is practically impossible, as is also the case for other similar tools (e.g. Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, etc.).

For the above reasons, we advise against disabling JavaScript. If you happen to have disabled it previously, you can enable it in most widely used browsers in the following ways:

  • Mozilla Firefox 25: type 'about:config' in the address bar, press Enter and set 'javascript.enabled' to 'true' in the settings list.
  • Internet Explorer 10: select 'Tools', then 'Internet Options' and select the 'Security' tab. From there, click on 'Custom level' and select 'Enable' in the 'Active Scripting' section.
  • Google Chrome 30: in the address bar, type 'chrome://settings/content/javascript', press Enter and select 'Sites can use Javascript' in the 'Default behaviour' section.

Obsolete web browsers (e.g. IE8 and older) also cause problems with JavaScript-reliant functions. If you have an obsolete browser version, 1KAwill notify you with a bar at the top of the page (based on the get_browser function, which identifies the browser, operating system, devices, etc.). In this case, you can solve the problem of non-working JavaScript functions by upgrading or replacing your browser.

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