Accessibility of Surveys for People With Special Needs

We strive to make the online surveys created in the 1KA tool as easy as possible to complete, and also accessible to respondents with special needs.

The questions in the survey are adjusted so that the respondent can move between individual questions using the tab key.

The respondent can move between the individual answers in the question using the arrow keys.

Confirming the answer can be done by pressing the space bar.


Date question type: move to the date question with the tab key and confirm the calendar icon by pressing the space bar to open the calendar. You can scroll through the calendar by holding down the CTRL key and an arrow key. Confirm the selected date with the enter key.

Specific question types cannot be customized for keyboard answering by default:

  • drag and drop layout (single-answer, multiple-choice, table)
  • image hotspot layout (single-answer, multiple-choice, table)
  • location and different layouts of the location question (Google map)
  • heat map
  • sorting layout (moving and shifting categories)

If you want the questionnaire to be fully accessible this way, we recommend that you use other layouts for these questions instead.

1KA is free to use for basic users