Using the site content search engine

The content search engine, which can be accessed from any page with the 1KA application in the top right corner of the website (the magnifying glass icon), searches all the content of the website (manuals, FAQs, etc.). The search engine is available both in the outer shell of the site and inside (at each step of the process of creating a survey, browsing data, etc.). The search results show all the content that includes the search term, the latter in bold. The search engine also searches for the root of words (example: if you type in the word 'survey', it will also return results containing the word 'surveys', 'surveying', etc.). 

It is also possible to filter the results arbitrarily according to the selected search criteria. You can search for terms that contain at least one of your search words, terms that contain the search phrase you are looking for, or set the search criteria to contain none of the specified words.

In the left part of the search engine there is a filter where you can specify searches by specific categories and type of content, you can search by page, basic recommendations, FAQs, help, manuals and video guides. The search engine displays the content found (English / Slovenian), depending on the language set in the 1KA tool.


Using the search engine in the My Surveys tab

In the 'My surveys' tab, where all your surveys are listed, there is a search engine at the top that allows you to search through all the surveys. Clicking on the 'magnifying glass' will display the search results and additional options. The default search is by the title of the survey, but you can change it to search by author or questionnaire text.

Advanced search is also available. By clicking on 'Advanced search', you can set the option to search by survey activity - search all surveys or only active or inactive surveys. The search engine also allows you to set the time frame, i.e. the time period when the survey was created or last edited.


Using the search engine in the Library tab

The 'Library' tab, which lists various examples of questionnaires, also allows you to search through the example surveys. The search engine is located at the top of the page and searches are carried out by title or text. Clicking on the 'Search' button will bring up a list of surveys that contain the search term in the title or in the questionnaire text.


1KA is free to use for basic users