Advanced Adding of Images as an Answer

For 'Categories - Single Answer' and 'Categories - Multiple Answers' questions, you can enable advanced image upload as an answer, so that you can upload an image to be displayed as an answer with a single click.

To turn this option on, click on the toolbar of the question for which you want to set this. The question settings will open on the right-hand side.

In the 'Basic' tab under 'Answers', check the 'Image as answer' option and icons to add an image will be shown on the left-hand side before the answer text.

Clicking on the icon will open the 'Image Properties' pop-up window, where you can enter the URL of the image you want or click on the 'Choose file' button to upload the image from your computer.

When uploading an image from your computer, a new window will open. Select the desired image from the directory on your computer and then click 'Open'. In the 'URL' input field, the URL of your image that has been uploaded to the 1KA server will be displayed. You can also set the alignment and size of the uploaded image as you wish. Add it to the answer by clicking on the 'OK' button.

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