Different Ways to Display a Date Question

The 1KA tool offers different ways of inserting a date question:

1. Insert a 'Date' question type, selected from the question types on the left or via the "Add question" button when editing the questionnaire. It is possible to set a lower and upper limit for the display of the year, or to enable the time selection. The question is displayed to the respondent in the form of a calendar from which they can select the desired date and optionally the time as well. 

2. Insert a 'Number' question type. If you want the respondent to enter the day, month and year separately, insert 3 questions of the Number type and move them in a block. When setting up the block, choose a horizontal layout (see the manual Structuring the questionnaire into blocks). For each number question, you can also set limits (e.g. the respondent can only enter a number from 1 to 31 in the first field representing the day). This will display the fields for the day, month and year in horizontal succession for the respondents to enter their answers in numeric form.

3. Insert a 'Category - Single answer" question type and select the 'Dropdown' layout. If we want the respondent to select the day, month and number separately, we can insert 3 'Dropdown' questions. Arrange the questions in a block and choose a horizontal layout for the questions in the block. Add possible answers for each dropdown (e.g. from 1900 to 2010 for the year). The respondent selects the day, month and year from each corresponding dropdown.

4. Insert the 'Table - Number' question type. Choose the number of horizontal categories - e.g. 3 (for day, month and year) - and name them. Replace 'Enter text' with 'Date:' and delete the question text (Click and enter the text of the sub-question). The respondent will be presented with the date fields in a one-line table - separately for day, month and year.

Example of a survey with different options of displaying the date question >>

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