Setting up a Static First Page (Introduction)

When editing a questionnaire it is possible to set up a display of a static introduction.

If the respondent clicks on an introduction and then leaves the survey (does not make any further clicks), he is assigned to the status '3' and this unit is saved in a database as an invalid unit. If we do not want this, we can enable a static display of the introduction. This means that the respondent that only clicks on a survey (introduction is shown), will not be saved as a respondent until he proceeds to the next page. The respondent will only be saved to the database when he proceeds to the next page.

A static display of introduction is especially recommended if the survey is embedded on a website or we want to avoid false (computer-generated) clicks on a survey.

To additionally avoid false clicks we can set up a CAPTCHA test where respondents must first prove that they are not robots (programme).

Example of a survey with CAPTCHA test >>


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