Electronic Signature

In the questionnaire, you can include the 'Electronic Signature' question type, which you can find among all question types on the left side of the screen. An electronic signature can be used for registrations, logins, confirmations, etc.

The question is displayed to the respondent in two parts - the first part is a field where the respondent signs their name graphically, and the second part is a 'Signature of' field where the respondent types in their name. It is advisable to remind respondents to fill in all fields.

The signature is recorded in the survey data in two parts: graphically (as a link to an image of the signature) and as text (what the respondent entered in the 'Signature of' field).

An example of an electronic signature survey >>

The functionality is available for users of the 2KA and 3KA packages for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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