1KA is an open source application that enables services for online surveys. The development takes place at the Centre for Social Informatics, at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. The University of Ljubljana is also the formal owner or addressee of the corresponding intellectual property.

Information about the current version of the application are available here.

It is an online service (SaaS - Software as a Service) that combines support for following functionalities:

  • Development, design and technical creation of an online questionnaire;
  • The implementation of online survey: support for invitations, publication and distribution of data;
  • Compiling and analysing data and paradata.

1KA basic guideline is to minimize the number of clicks - hence the designation EnKlikAnketa (1KA) (which is translated as 'One click survey'). All operations are therefore carried out with a minimum number of clicks or pressures on the keyboard (keystrokes). 1KA application can be installed on any server and can be linked to other programs via the API. Parent installation is on the www.1ka.si domain, on the server of the Centre for Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. The application can be used unlimitedly and free of charge for the purposes of online surveys, under certain terms of use. Of course, free of charge does not apply to the specific needs of users who would specifically require additional work (eg introducing, training, questionnaire preparation, data analysis, installation assistance, etc.). In case of such need, additional non-profit pricing is charged on the basis of some additional agreement.

In 2019, 1KA service for online surveys hosted more than 10 million completed questionnaires solely on a parent installation (www.1ka.si), and in 2019 the total number of registered users has exceeded 65,000.

Service for surveying for a a specific questionnaire can also be performed locally - in terms of installation of 1KA application on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet (Windows) - ie as an off-line 1KA application for the purposes of personal interviewing using a computer (CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing).

Further information:

Answers on frequently asked questions about 1KA are gathered here >>

1KA is free to use for basic users