Advanced Modules

In addition to basic surveys, 1KA enables various forms of advanced surveys that you can choose in the ‘Advanced modules' categories in the 'EDIT' - 'Settings' tab by clicking on the desired option. You can choose between the following options:

  • Usability (split screen) - Usability allows using split screen, where you can evaluate any website by comparing them in split screen view;
  • Administrative data input - Entering the questionnaires allows additional options to identify respondents;
  • Quiz - option to create quizzes, tests and exams as well as determining the value of the answers (correct answers) and calculations;
  • Social networks - Social networks allows recordings of egocentric social networks (ego-alter) including Antonucci's circles;
  • Telephone survey - Telephone survey allows support for implementation, supervision and performing of telephone surveys (CATI);
  • Slideshow - Slideshow is designed to display each page as a presentation, where individual responses by respondents are not registered.

1KA is free to use for basic users