Creation of web surveys requires the following:

  • respect for basic principles of sociological methodology;
  • use of principles and recommendations for web surveys creation;
  • some technical expertise;
  • compliance with specific characteristics of web surveys.

With that in mind, we give an overview of the following content:

  • Basic recommendations for the creation of web questionnaires: there are 20 specific principles that lead to frequent errors when violated. Besides specific recommendations, some more general and complex recommendations are listed. Everything listed should be considered when creating any survey. It is a fact that in practice these recommendations are violated in almost every web questionnaire.
  • A broader context of sociological methodology, web usability and project development of web questionnaires is shortly described here.
  • The book Web Survey Methodology (Sage 2015) gives a “state-of-the-art” knowledge of all aspects of web survey methodology. The website Web Survey Methodology ( is connected with the book.
  • Research in Slovenia: an overview of bachelor theses, master’s degrees and doctor theses and also some other researches, made in Slovenia, from the web survey area of expertise.
  • Web Survey Tools: an overview of development and prevalence of tools for web surveying.
  • Survey methodology: an overview of basic concepts, especially those, relevant for web surveys.


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