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The procedure for adding comments in the 1KA tool is described below, as well as the methods of editing comments, how comments can be added by survey administrators and editors, and how comments can be added by the respondents. Comments are only available to 3KA private package users.

1. Comment settings

If you wish to activate comments, go to the 'EDIT' – 'Settings' – 'Comments' tab. You can also access comments by clicking on the icon that is shaped like two clouds, by clicking on the green icon to the left of the survey URL, or in the 'TEST' – 'Comments' tab. In the comment settings, you have the option of enabling general editor comments, general comments of respondents in the test survey, editor comments for each question and respondent comments for each question in the test survey.

You can also access 'Advanced settings' tab where you can set the default settings for survey preview and test data, a pop-up window for editor comments for the survey, question notes in the comments tab, a pop-up window for editor comments for each survey question, an additional text-box below each question for comments by respondents, as well as general comment settings. You must always remember to 'Save changes' after editing. You can also delete all entries, i.e. comments, from your survey.

In the 'MY SURVEYS' - 'SETTINGS' - 'User settings' tab, users can choose the setting that comments are opt-in by default when you create a new survey. More >>

2. Adding comments

You can only add comments in the test view, which can be accessed by clicking on the green icon to the left of the survey URL, in the 'TEST' – 'Diagnostics' tab and the 'PUBLISH' – 'Settings' tab. Based on the settings, fields for adding comments will appear either under each question or for the entire survey. If you wish to edit respondent comments, you must forward the URL of the test view of the survey to the respondents. Editors can add comments to questions (and the conditions or blocks) in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab. Under the selected question, condition or block, click 'Add comment', enter your comment, and click 'Send'.

3. Comment viewing

If you wish to view the comments for a particular survey, click on the 'TEST' – 'Comments' tab. You can also access the comments by clicking on the cloud icon found to the right of the help icon. All of the questions which have comments will be displayed. To the left, you will find the comments of editors and administrators of the survey, while the respondents’ comments are found on the right. The questions can be edited and corrected in the user interface with a simple click on the selected question. You also have the option of responding to the comments. When a comment is reviewed and possibly taken into account, we select the status 'Finished'. By clicking 'Review/add comments for survey' you can review, add and reply to the comments of survey editors.

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