Image Hotspot Question Type

Question type 'Image Hotspot' can be inserted into a questionnaire. It is found among layouts of question type 'category - single answer', 'category - multiple answers' and 'table - single answer'. This question type enables layout of question in the shape of an image. Respondent answers such question by marking one or more points or regions in an image.

Set up of Image Hotspot question type:

  • To enable Image hotspot first click on a question type 'category - single answer'.
  • On the right side of the question editor choose image hotspot layout.
  • Icon for adding areas (under regions - response categories) will appear in the question.
  • Window for managing regions will appear. In this windows you can, by using the left click of the mouse, mark the region on the image. By using the right click of the mouse already marked regions can be erased. By holding the left mouse button already marked points can be moved. When you are satisfied with the marked region, write the name of the region and click 'Confirm'. Multiple areas can be added.

Additional settings:

  • Colour of chosen region: specify into what colour should the region colour when it is chosen by a respondent.
  • Highlighting: Choose type of highlighting or how regions should be visible or invisible to respondents.
    • Hide: region is not visible;
    • Show: all marked regions are visible;
    • Show on mouse over region: region is visible if it is hovered over.
  • Tooltip: choose options of display of tooltips (answers) with names of regions:
    • Show on mouse over region: tip is visible when hovering over it with a mouse;
    • Hide: tooltip (answer or name of the area) is not visible.

Example of a survey using Image Hotspot >>


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