Image Hotspot Question Type

You can include the 'Image Hotspot' question type in the questionnaire, which can be found among the layout formats for the 'Categories - Single answer', 'Categories - Multiple answers' and 'Table - Single answer' question types. The question allows the question to be set in the form of an image and the respondent answers by marking one or more points or areas on the image.

Setting up an Image Hotspot question:

  • To create a Hotspot question, first select the 'Categories - Single answer' from the set of all questions.
  • On the right hand side of the question settings under 'Layout', select 'Image Hotspot'.
  • Upload an image using the icon that appears within the question.
  • In the question settings, the 'Add a region' button appears (under Regions - Answers).
  • This will open the edit zone window where you can use the left mouse click to highlight the region in the image. You can use the right mouse click to delete the region points you have already entered. By holding down the left mouse button, you can move the already entered region points. When you are happy with the region you have created, enter a name for the region and click 'Confirm'. You can add multiple regions.

Additional settings:

  • Color of selected region: specify how the region selected by the respondent should be colored.
  • Illumination: select the type of illumination or the way the regions are visible or invisible to the respondents.
    • Always: all set regions are visible;
    • On mouseover: the region is highlighted when the mouse is hovered over the region.
  • Hint: select the options for displaying hints (answers) with the names of the regions.
    • Show on mouseover: the hint is visible when hovering over the region;
    • Hide: the hint (answer or region name) is not visible.

Example of a survey using Image Hotspot >>


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