Can I Modify the Introductory GDPR Question Text?

The wording of the introductory GDPR question cannot be changed. In case you want a different introductory GDPR question, you can create it yourself.

To do so, first, hide the introduction and conclusion (click on the "eye" sign), then select the question type category one answer from the menu on the left and set it as a mandatory question.

Then enter any text here and set as possible answers to agree and disagree with the collection of personal data:

A respondent who does not agree with the collection of personal data must finish the survey at this point, a respondent who agrees with the collection of personal data may start with answering the survey. 

To do this, use the condition (IF) that you first put before the first question or introduction to your survey. You must set the condition accordingly so that respondents who agree to the collection of personal data can start completing the survey.

Then, for respondents who do not agree with the collection of personal data, insert a new question at the end of the survey: a no-reply text explaining why the survey was completed for them. For example, a text in the form like: "You have not accepted the conditions required to participate in the survey, therefore you cannot complete it. Thank you for your time!". Remember to set the condition accordingly:

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