Creating sub-samples: half of the respondents gets one question, while the other half a different question

The 1KA tool allows you to split your survey into two or more parts. This can be done in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab by setting conditions for each part of the survey and selecting 'Random groups'. By clicking on the condition, an editor will appear, where you can select ‘random groups’ in the first drop-down menu and the number or patterns for which you wish to divide the questions. Lastly, you should determine for which group.

You should embed only those questions into each condition (IF) that you consider relevant, while certain questions should remain the same for all groups. These questions are not embedded into any of the conditions.

Random groups (sub-samples) are determined on the basis of the respondent’s serial number and applies to the entire process of completing the survey. For example, if we have set 4 random sub-samples with two different questions, the first respondent belongs to the random sub-sample 1 with both the conditions, while the second respondent belongs to the random sub-sample 2, etc.

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