Organizing surveys into folders

You can organise the list of all the surveys you have created in the 'My Surveys' directory into folders, which is particularly useful for users who have a large number of surveys. 

You can show or hide folders by clicking on the 'Folders' button on the right.

A list of folders appears on the left, where you can create new subfolders by clicking on the three dots. Surveys that you don't put in any of the folders are in the 'All my surveys' folder, which is the first one in the folder list. The other folders are in alphabetical order.

You can rename or delete folders. If you delete a survey folder, the surveys in the folder will not be deleted, they will just be moved to the 'All my surveys' folder.

You can also move (click and drag) any folder into another folder. In the same way, you can also move individual surveys between folders, or you can select a folder for each survey in the 'EDIT' - 'Settings' tab, where you tick the 'Save survey into folder' option and select a folder from the drop-down list.

The functionality is purely for administrative purposes (to help organize the overview of surveys) and does not affect the surveys themselves.

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