'Heatmap' Question Type

A 'Heatmap' is a question type that allows results to be presented graphically in the form of colors. In this question type, the respondent provides feedback on the image adjacent to the question, and it differs from the Hotspot question type in that the respondent is not limited to selecting predefined places in the image, but can mark all parts of the image (of course, we can also limit the areas if we wish). 

The 'Heatmap' question type can be found in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab. Select 'Heatmap' from the set of all questions in the 'Special questions' segment. Upload an image via the icon that appears within the question.

In the question settings (click on the question toolbar or on the 'pencil' icon), under 'Basic', you can specify the maximum number of possible answers or the 'Number of possible clicks'. If more than one click is allowed, you can also indicate whether to show a click counter ('Show clicks counter'). In addition, you can indicate whether to show clicks ('Show clicks') and select the color and size of the click indicators. For the shape of the click, there are two options to choose from: circle or square. If desired, we can also add a specific region to the image. This is done by clicking repeatedly on the desired part of the image and dragging the intersections of the resulting character as desired. Right-click to delete the points or intersections. You can also add a region name.

In the 'ANALYSE' – 'Statistics' tab we have the basic statistical calculations just like for the other question types. There is also a 'Heatmap' option, where you can graphically display the results on a selected image, or the density of the selected results, or the clicks (frequency) of respondents on a specific question.

Example of a survey with the 'Heatmap' question >>

Example of 'Heatmap' analysis >>

Graphical display of 'Heatmap' >>

The functionality is available for users of the 2KA and 3KA packages for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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