How long does the survey remain stored and how long is it active?

Once you create a survey in 1KA, it is available to you permanently (only to you, of course). It is both on the website and in our archives (e.g. in case you accidentally delete it yourself). The above applies to all surveys on the 1KA server, regardless of the upgrade or the type of installation on the 1KA server.

Each survey is activated by default for a period of three months. You can activate or deactivate a survey in the 'PUBLISH' - 'Overview' tab or by clicking on the 'ON/OFF' button in the survey toolbar. If you deactivate the survey, respondents will no longer be able to complete it while it is not active, but you will still have access to editing, data and analysis. You can reactivate the survey if you decide to collect data again at a later date.

You can change the duration of the survey in the 'EDIT' - 'Settings' - 'Activity/quotas' tab. In addition to the time limit, you can also set a limit on the number of responses here.

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