How Is the 1KA Tool Tested?

The 1KA tool has been under development since 2008 for research purposes.

More than 280,000 surveys have been conducted using 1KA. The tool has always been 100% reliable in collecting data for these surveys - no survey or response has ever been lost.

Due to the strong Web 2.0 orientation, which allows intuitiveness, interactivity and efficiency through the intensive use of Javascript (which are the main strengths of the 1KA tool), the survey creation itself may slow down in case of slower connections or when using some older browsers. We strongly recommend modern browsers for which new functionalities are being tested: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (version 9 or newer).

An automatic adaptation of surveys for mobile phones and tablets has also been implemented with the use of responsive design.

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1KA is free to use for basic users