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Inserting Images Into Your Questionnaire

You can insert images into your questionnaire in the 'EDIT' – Questionnaire' tab:

1. You can insert an image for an entire question or just an individual answer:

  • If you wish to insert an image for the entire question, i.e. next to the question, click on the icon for advanced editing (in the form of a pencil), which appears to the right of the questions;
  • If you wish to insert an image for an individual answer, click on the icon to the right of each individual answer, then click on the 'Editor' option.

2. In the new window – the advanced editor tab – click on the image icon to add an image (green tree-shaped icon). In case you wish to insert a picture with the question, this window is opened by clicking on the icon next to the questions. In the 'Image info' window, you can enter the URL of the selected image or click on the 'Choose File' box next to 'Upload image' and upload an image from your computer.

3. If you select the option of uploading an image from your computer, a new window will appear. Click on the 'Choose File' option, select the image from your computer directory, and click 'Open'. An URL of your image is then displayed, which has now been uploaded to 1KA's server. You can adjust the placement and size of the image and then click 'OK'.

4. Hiding radio and checkbox buttons

With the type of questions such as 'Category – single answer' and 'Category – multiple answer' there is an extra option 'Hide radio button' or 'Hide checkbox button'. Functionality is necessary for mobile devices, especially when you’re using pictures for answers. In this case, you can hide these buttons (radio or checkbox buttons), respondents which will be filling out the questionnaire on their mobile device will be able to select a picture as an answer with the tap on it. It will be easier for them to choose the answer, as it would be selecting the ‘checkbox’ or ‘radio’ button, where you have to be more precise.

Example of a survey with hidden radio and checkbox buttons (mobile preview)

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