The 1KA application offers different types of notifications, e.g. notifications for new survey entries, notifications for survey expiration, notifications for changes of the survey activity, as well as notifications on survey deletion. All these notifications can be activated and edited in the 'EDIT' – 'Settings' – 'Notifications' tab. 

The user can acquire the right to use the 'Notification' setting by purchasing the private 2KA or 3KA packages.

1. The 'Completed survey' sub-tab will be displayed first.

Here you can select the recipients that will receive the notifications: respondents who completed the survey; respondents, registered to our system; the author of the survey and additional editors, to whom the author has assigned access; additional recipients.

You also have the option of editing the notification that will be sent to the recipients you specified. The message is pre-set, but can also be customised, and you can also insert additional variables, which will be automatically displayed in the message.

If you want the date of completion to be displayed, then enter [DATE]; if you want the respondent’s answers to be displayed in PDF form, enter [PDF] into the message.

You can add the name of the survey into the notification by entering [SURVEY]. A link to the survey site can be added with the [SITE] command, and if you wish to enable survey editing, use the [URL] command. More about additional variables can be accessed at the right of the message editor in the blue table. However, all changes must be saved with the 'Save changes' command.

Notification of completed survey in the case of multiple languages within the survey

In the case of multiple languages within the survey, you can create customized messages for different languages. You can do this by ticking the option 'respondent'. Under the 'respondents' you will see an option for languages you set earlier, for example. "Respondent - English'. Click on the 'Own e-mail design' icon to form an e-mail message and enter the text that should be sent to respondents, that will complete the questionnaire in this particular language (e.g. English language). In the 'Design' box enter the message for respondents that will complete the questionnaire in the default survey language.

2. The 1KA application offers the option of notifications for 'Survey expiration date'.

Here you can set when you will receive the notification of survey expiration – set the number of days before the expiration to receive a notification to your email address. You can also select the individuals who have access to the survey or specify additional recipients by entering each email address in a separate row.

You can also add additional variables. In addition to the aforementioned commands, you can also add the variable [DAYS], which tells you how many days the survey has been active, i.e. its time interval. All changes must be saved with the 'Save changes' command.

3. Notifications on 'Activation changes' can also be configured.

You can specify if the notification is sent to the editor and those who have access to survey editing, and/or additional recipients. You can also edit the activation/deactivation message and can use system variables from the database.

4. Lastly, you can configure notification on 'Survey deletion'.

When a survey is deleted, the 1KA system can send an automatic notification to selected emails. You can either send the notification to the author of the survey or individuals who have access to the survey, as well as to additional recipients, by entering each email address in a separate row. The message is already pre-set but can be customised, and system variables can be added, which are found to the right in the blue square.

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