The 'Custom report' option in the 'ANALYSE' – 'Reports' tab allows you to generate a custom report, in which you can include selected variables in any order. You can also customize the presentation of variables with the following options:

  • summary;
  • frequencies;
  • descriptives;
  • charts;
  • tables;
  • means;
  • T-test;
  • break.

You can also place comments and text under the variable and page breaks as you like. 

Custom reports can be exported to PDF or RTF (MS Word) format. Before that, you can preview the report at any time by clicking on the screen icon below the report name.

Multiple custom reports can be created (click on the blue '+' icon) and switched between by clicking on the actual report name (e.g. 'Report 1'), where they can also be renamed, deleted or shared with other survey editors by clicking on the 'pencil' icon. Other editors can only edit the selected report, but cannot delete or rename it.

The functionality is available for users of the 2KA and 3KA packages for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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