Website Evaluation

A simpler way of evaluating websites is provided by the advanced module which divides the browser window into two parts - one where the respondent views the website and the other where the respondent completes the questionnaire. This avoids the constant switching from the questionnaire to the website.

1. Activating the website evaluation module

The evaluation process is more efficient if each survey question is on its own page, so that you can use a different web address for each page.

Once the questionnaire has been created, click on the 'Edit - Settings' navigation tab (or the wheel icon at the top) and select the 'Website evaluation (split screen)' option from the left menu under the 'Advanced Modules' category.

By activating the 'Website Evaluation' module, you enable the display of settings where you can specify which websites will be opened during the evaluation.

2. Evaluation of a single website

Enter the URL of the website in the 'Link to the website you wish to evaluate (split screen):' input field of the 'Website evaluation' tab.

This way, the content of the top part of the browser window remains unchanged while the respondent scrolls through the pages of the questionnaire.

If they wish, they can click on the content of the web page in the top half of the browser window while completing the survey.

3. Evaluation of various different sub-pages (or different websites)

You can ask questions about different websites or subpages by entering the URLs for each website or subpage.

This can be done in the 'Additional pages' section of the 'Website evaluation' tab in the input fields 'Page 1:', 'Page 2:', etc.

The functionality is available for users of the 3KA package for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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