Can I Request the Removal of a Survey?

Occasionally, we receive requests to remove a particular survey, either for spam or unwanted content in the e-mail invitations, or for breaches of regulations or ethical norms.

It is 1KA's policy that a third party cannot stop a survey unless there is a clear violation of regulations, and we take into account the applicable legislation (Electronic Communications Act, Consumer Protection Act, Personal Data Protection Act). In addition, in the case of unacceptable content or hate speech, the principles of the Code for Regulation of Hate Speech in addition to criminal hate speech as defined in Article 297 of the Penal Code, which defines the regulation of intolerant speech, insults and inappropriate content (vulgarisms, etc.), are followed. To date, we have not withdrawn any surveys as a result of interventions of this kind.

The above provisions do not apply for the removal of surveys that do not violate these provisions; e.g. if a school wishes to prevent the collection of data by students who do not violate the above provisions.

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