Can I Request the Removal of a Survey?

We occasionally receive a request to remove a specific survey, either due to spam or due to violations of regulation and ethical standards.

1KA's policy is that third parties cannot prevent survey research unless there is a clear breach of regulation, whereby we reference the relevant legislation (Electronic Communications Act, Consumer Protection Act, Personal Data Protection Act). Additionally, in the event of unacceptable content or hate speech, we comply with the principles of the Code for Regulation of Hate Speech, which has so far been signed by eight major web portals in Slovenia and defines regulation of criminal hate speech, as defined in Article 297 of the Penal Code, intolerant speech, insults and inappropriate content (vulgar language, etc..). So far we have not withdrawn a single survey due to this type of intervention.

The above provisions do not allow for the removal of surveys that do not violate these provisions; for example, if a school wants to prevent the collection of data by students who are not in violation of the above provisions.

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