We Have Problems With Installing 1KA on Our Own Server

Users who want 1KA installation on their own server, complete the order and on this basis receive the installation package with instructions for use. Instructions are checked and clear enough so that most users can complete the installation process without the further help of 1KA technical staff. However, it is true that in technically complex environments (eg. in larger organizations with stricter safety rules) certain special issues, that require further intervention, can appear.

It should be noted that when users choose to install 1KA on their own servers, 1KA technical team does not offer any additional help, except basic responses to user issues, where we only direct the user towards the solution of the problem.

In a case where users would want help from 1KA technical team, an agreement must be made in advance, also it should be taken into account, that price of additional help is charged as an engineering hour.

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1KA is free to use for basic users