Why Are the Pages Not Displayed Correctly and Why Is the Content Overlapping?

If your browser is not displaying pages correctly, i.e. content is overlapping or not all buttons are visible, the problem may be a setting in the operating system itself (e.g. Windows):

  • You may have a screen resolution that is too low, this can be set in the 'Display' settings;
  • You may have a zoomed-out or zoomed-in display in the browser itself. You can adjust this by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and rotating the mouse wheel or 'Ctrl and +/-'.
  • However, the browser itself may also be causing the problem, so we always recommend that you update your web browser to the latest version. If you have an outdated version of Internet Explorer (1KA supports Internet Explorer 9 or newer for advanced features), 1KA will also give you a warning and recommend you upgrade or change your browser.
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