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Public URL to view data and analysis

1KA allows you to create a public URL to view data and analysis. Functionality is used in application forms, voting or other short surveys.

In the 'DATA' and 'ANALYSIS' tabs there is an export icon on the top right. Select 'Public URL' and 'Add new link'. 1KA generates a URL to access the database, which you can share with any person. This way you can keep up with the responses from respondents or new applications. To generate a public link to analysis, the process is the same as for data.

More options for setting up a public URL:

  • Access with password: You can specify a password that the recipients must sign in to see data or analysis. If you leave the password field blank, then everyone who receives a link will be able to access the data for the analysis.
  • Refresh every 15 seconds: You can indicate that the public URL to data or analysis is automatically refreshed every 15 seconds. This means that the page is reloaded every 15 seconds, thus always displaying fresh data. Functionality is especially suitable for various presentations, monitoring of live voting, etc. If you do not choose this option, you need to manually reload the page to refresh the data.


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