Reporting a Survey That Violates the General Terms and Conditions of 1KA Online Surveying Tool

When using 1KA, you must comply with the General Terms and Conditions of the 1KA online survey tool. The Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Anti-spam Policy also form an integral part of these terms and conditions.

Survey methodology standards (inspired by AAPOR) must be respected, therefore online questionnaires that are not intended for data collection (voting, administrative forms, survey research) are not allowed. This is mainly for the following purposes:

  • any fundraising;
  • wherever the collection of data is merely a means or a backdrop for sales, PR, marketing or promotion, including political push-polling;
  • surveys where personal data is collected and then used for purposes the respondent did not explicitly consent to.

If you come across a survey that violates the General Terms and Conditions of online surveying on 1KA, you can report it to the author of the survey or contact SI-CERT.

You can also let us know so that we can contact the author. In the event of a breach of the 1KA Terms and Conditions, we will take appropriate action (delete the survey and block the offending user).

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