Organization of Virtual Domain Users

Manager status

The main person in charge of the virtual domain is automatically given the status of a manager, who receives login details (e.g. a temporary password) from the 1KA administration immediately after the virtual domain is set up, to the e-mail address provided in the request.

By default, an organisation has one manager. In this case, the organisation can also opt for a generic name (e.g. or, which greatly simplifies adjustments in case of a change of the person in charge.

In principle, there can be several managers, but this must be ordered separately and technically arranged with the 1KA administration. Additional managers are charged according to the current price list. The manager also has the responsibility to ensure that all surveys are carried out within limitations, in accordance with ethical standards and in compliance with the contract and the law. In the case of a large number of managers, all of them should take this responsibility, but in such a case it is recommended that one manager is the main manager and has access to the other managers.

Managers can add new users to a virtual domain. Each normal user of a virtual domain is therefore assigned to a specific manager. Additional users cannot register themselves in your virtual domain.

If there are several managers, they may or may not be mutually assigned to each other. If a manager is not assigned to anyone, this means that no one else has access to the surveys of that manager. Any change of access can only be made by 1KA administration on the basis of a formal request from the organisation, which must also comply with the applicable privacy legislation of the responding organisation. 1KA administration can only access surveys for the purposes of user assistance with the express permission of the author of the specific survey.

A manager has access to all surveys of a user (or manager) assigned to that manager. However, it is important to note that this access cannot be abused, because every survey author or user can see all accesses, insights and changes made by anyone (author, co-authors, managers, administrators) to their survey.


Access to individual surveys

Each manager has access to the entire profile of their assigned users and thus to all the user's surveys. The manager's administrative access to users should not be confused with users' access to edit a specific survey. Each user (not only the manager) can independently add any user of the virtual domain as a co-editor. In this case, a user is only granted access to that individual survey.


Controlling access to surveys

In the 'EDIT' - 'Archive' - 'Track changes' tab, the user and manager can see all instances of access to the survey: both insights and any changes to the questionnaire (who, when, what). The archive also includes any accesses and interventions made by the 1KA administration or Helpdesk.


Adding a new user

In the 'Users' - 'Add users' tab, there is a window for adding users, which will be assigned to you as their manager. Here the manager enters the user's e-mail, first name, last name and password. Both the manager and the user are notified by e-mail that a corresponding account has been created on the virtual domain:


Overview of users

Managers can see their assigned users in the 'Users' - 'My users' tab.

The manager can also see all the surveys of their assigned users in the survey overview in the 'My Surveys' tab. By clicking on the 'Filter' button, you can choose to display all surveys, or to display only your own surveys.

By clicking on edit (pencil) icon next to a user, the manager can see the full list of surveys for that user and their profile.

Here, the manager also has the option of editing the user's information (e.g. changing the password). In the user's survey list, the manager can change the user's permissions for each survey by clicking on the survey.


Adding an existing user to the overview

If a user is already registered to a virtual domain, you cannot assign them to your overview as a manager. In this case, please contact us at and we will manually assign the user to you.


Removing a user from your overview

A manager can remove a user in the 'Users' - 'My Users' tab. Clicking on the 'pencil' icon next to the user will open a pop-up window where the user can be removed:

After removing a user from the overview of a specific manager, the user will be removed from the corresponding virtual domain, but their surveys will still be visible to the manager in the 'My Surveys' tab.

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