Why Is My Registration or Login Password Invalid?

1KA is case-sensitive when registering and using your password, so please pay attention to how you write your password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot your password?' and you will be sent a new temporary password to your email address. You can reset your password yourself in your profile afterwards.

The causes for these problems usually turn out to be:

  • the user has entered their email address incorrectly;
  • the user has attempted to log in in with their username instead of their email address;
  • the user forgot the email address or password with which they registered;
  • or the user entered an incomplete email address.

Additionally, it could be that you have originally registered on one of 1KA's virtual or own domains (e.g. 1KA.arnes.si) and are now trying to sign in on 1KA's general domain (www.1KA.si) - or vice versa.

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