How Do You Ensure Personal Data Protection? What Bounds You Not to Disclose Personal Data to Third Parties?

The level of safety of your personal information is comparable to the general level of safety of online services (e.g. your Gmail account). The safety of your data mainly depends on how well you secure your user name and password.

The 1KA team is highly motivated when it comes to guaranteeing the highest degree of safety for every user. It is worth noting that we have not yet had a single security breach in the 285 thousand surveys that have been conducted thus far.

Guaranteeing data security is a big concern for online service providers, whose reputation is at stake, in this case, the Centre for Social Informatics at Faculty for Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana.

1KA's helpdesk does not have access to survey questionnaires and data without the user’s express permission. More >>

In legal terms, this area is formally governed by the Terms of Use, which are similar to those used by other modern tools for online surveys.

The following three terms should be highlighted:

  • The administrators of are committed to taking every reasonable measure to prevent access of data not intended for public viewing to third parties or the general public, and that the information will be protected against unauthorized use or data loss;
  • The 1KA application permanently stores and archives every user survey and the corresponding survey data;
  • All disputes and misunderstandings in relation to the website, in case all other non-legal options have been exhausted, are under the jurisdiction of the District Court in Ljubljana.

Users who would like to have their own (virtual or real) domain or their own server installation (in which case they accept full responsibility for safety), can arrange for different types of customizations >>.

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