Comments offer an efficient way of designing a questionnaire, support group activities and the consideration of test respondents' comments.

We especially recommend that you send a test survey to test respondents before deploying the actual survey. The URL of the test survey is located in the ‘PUBLISH’ tab or via the monitor-shaped icon to the right of the survey name at the top of the screen. If you wish to enable comments in your survey, this can be done within the ’Test insert’ mode (‘Enable saving data and comments’ command) or in the ‘Comments settings’. A shortcut for enabling comments is located on the far right of the screen in the form of a balloon-tip icon (under your username).

Comments can be configured in different ways; via the ‘EDIT’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Comments’ tab, via the ‘TEST’ – Comments’ tab or by clicking on the above mentioned balloon-tip icon on the far right of the screen. The following options are available:

  • Administrative comments to the survey, where a balloon-tip for comments is displayed on each page of the questionnaire, which enables survey editors to comment on either the entire survey or on individual pages or questions in the questionnaire;
  • Respondent comments to the survey, which enable the respondents to comment on the entire survey or on individual pages or questions in the questionnaire;
  • Administrative comments to the questions, which enable the editors to comment on each question individually within the editing the questionnaire and not in the test survey;
  • Respondent comments to the questions enables an entry field under each question where respondents can write their comments.

In the advanced section of the ‘Comments settings’, you can more precisely configure the default settings for the preview and test survey, the balloon-tips and the entry fields for administrative and respondent comments to the survey and to the questions. There you can also delete all comments for a particular survey.

The comments are displayed in the ‘TEST’ – ‘Comments’ tab, where you can read each comment, potentially take it into consideration and improve survey questions. You can also respond to administrative comments.


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