Does 1KA Allow Offline Surveys on a Laptop PC or USB Drive?

Yes, a survey created in 1KA can be easily installed on a PC and then a conventional computer-assisted survey can be conducted, either with an interviewer (computer assisted personal interviewing - CAPI) or with a respondent (computer assisted self-interviewing - CASI).

Conducting a survey in the field using a laptop computer

With the so-called offline installation on a USB drive, surveys can also be carried out on laptops without an internet connection. You can download the offline version of the survey software here >>.

Technically speaking, it is most convenient to install the 1KA survey on a USB drive and run it from there; the completed surveys are of course also stored on the drive. In case of a large number of PCs running the survey, some data management is also required. For more details, please contact us at or call us on 030/702-788.

The above downloaded archive must be extracted to the USB drive. Then you can conduct your survey with the following steps:

  1. Launch the 1KA application by clicking 1 Start
  2. The 1KA survey opens in your internet browser by clicking 2 1KA survey;
  3. Log in to edit the survey with the default first name, last name and password admin, admin, admin;
  4. When you have finished editing the survey, close your internet browser and stop the 1KA application by clicking on 3 Stop. You can then safely remove your USB drive.
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