Users can choose between three private packages for individual use. In case of the need for a “white label” solution, we recommend one of the business packages for user control in the case of a larger number of users.

Methodological services for specific user needs, ranging from assistance in questionnaire development, data entry, statistical analysis, support in conducting surveys and consulting or training for the use of 1KA, to writing reports, research planning, the most demanding methodological advice and full implementation of survey research.

Technical services include standardized technical services, such as the restoration of a deleted questionnaire or data, and custom services, such as the assistance of an installation engineer, additional programming or system assistance.

All of the above is not part of the basic 1KA online survey service, as it requires additional time on the part of the 1KA team. This type of assistance is calculated on the basis of hours spent, where non-profit tariffs are taken into account. The billing interval in hours, taking into account the STARTED hours. Hourly rates vary according to the complexity of the work.

Important: 1KA methodological services relate mainly to the preparation of the 1KA questionnaire, advanced methodological and project assistance. We do not offer assistance for diploma, master and doctoral theses. In this case, we suggest that you contact one of the other providers.

To agree on methodological advice (order, estimate of duration and costs), you can contact us via FORM>> or call - please note that the listed telephone number is in no way intended for free advice - on 030 / 702-788.

At the outset, it should be stressed that:

  1. Unchanged, free and unlimited use of 1KA was valid for all public users with ArnesAAI access (education, science, etc.), but on the installation of Details are here.
  2. Using service for web surveying is free and unlimited on the 1KA web server, of Centre for Social Informatics (CSI), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, on the domain, where also parent installation of 1KA application is.
  3. The transfer of files and instructions for installing an open-source 1KA application on users’ own server is also free. Experience shows that users who have their own competent technical support can carry out the installation by themselves, easily and without additional questions.
  4. 1KA support team helps users for free, within the scope of replying to the form of a Help desk. However, free help is limited only to clearing up misunderstandings and directing users to existing videos, manuals and frequently asked questions.
  5. We deal, of course, with all cases of technical problems or errors in the operation of 1KA on domain, free of charge.

All other requests from users that require individual treatment and extra time consumption of the 1KA team (methodological or technical services listed above), will be charged at a non-profit rate. Price of services, which vary depending on the complexity of the work, are listed in the price list.

1KA is free to use for basic users