I Am Collecting Personal Data in the Survey. What Do I Have to Do?

The collection of any personal data in surveys requires the consent of the respondent. The respondent must explicitly consent to the collection of personal data, otherwise they cannot complete the survey.

If you have a survey that collects personal data (name, surname, email, phone, etc.) you must indicate that it is a GDPR-compliant survey. 1KA has a consent form for respondents which you can edit further if necessary. If the respondent gives consent to the data collection, they will proceed with the survey. If the respondent does not consent to the collection of personal data, the survey closes for them (a message will be displayed to inform them that it is not possible for them to complete the survey due to their disagreement with the collection of personal data).

Example of a survey with consent to the collection of personal data in the survey >>

You can find out more about editing and setting your consent here >>

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