The 1KA web tool enables an overview of the user's activity in the application itself. This option is available only to administrators and managers. On the homepage, clicking 'My surveys' opens a new page with a new menu, where you can select the tab called 'Activities'.

In the 'Activities' – 'Surveys' tab, you can find the following information:

  • number of surveys you have created;
  • number of email invitations sent via the 1KA system;
  • number of pages or clicks on the pages in the survey;
  • number of analyses you have run;
  • number of graphs you have created in 1KA;
  • number of survey edits.

By clicking on the Counted units, you can specify which units should be included in the review according to their status (test units, automatic entries, imported units, units with status 6, units with status 5, invalid units, email unanswered) and the language of the interface (Slovenian or English). By default, units with status 5 and 6 are selected, as well as all languages.

With the Select range button, you can select the time period for which you want a detailed insight.

Administrators can examine all of the above for all users of a particular installation.

Administrators can also review weekly, monthly, yearly and complete reports regarding the following:

  • number of new and all surveys;
  • number of edits;
  • number of new and all responses;
  • number of new and all registered users;
  • number of units per device (paradata).


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1KA is free to use for basic users